Hashimoto thyroiditis

Owner: endocrin
Macro description: <p>4x3x2 cm large lobe of a thyroid gland. The organ is firm, on cut surface the normal structure is unrecognizable.</p>
Micro description: Microscopically the regular structure of the thyroid gland can hardky be observed. The specimen is mainly composed of lymphoid tissue, with secondary follicle forming. Between the follicles in the fibrotic stroma some thyroid follicle can be observed, with colloid in the lumen. The epitheloid cells arranged in nests. They have abundant, eosinophilic, granular cytoplasm. The nuclei are normal. The lymphocytes infiltrate the follicles and the stroma as well.
Clinical diagnosis: <p>32-year-old female. Hospitalized because of hyperthyreosis.&nbsp;The patient underwent strumectomy.</p>
Consensus disgnosis: Hashimoto thyroiditis.